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About main parts of dredger maintenance

 Dredgers mainly suck the mud through a suction pump, so the suction pump is the center of the dredger. Especially on the cutter suction dredger, it is completely relying on the suction pump to pick up the sludge. Therefore, the dredging pump of the dredger must perform regular maintenance and maintenance work so as to ensure that the dredger pump can perform higher power during excavation work.
  1. Suction pump lubrication
  Suction pumps are used to make bearing components through lubricating oil for operation. If lubricating oil is not used, the friction coefficient between the various components will increase, and if it is severe, the risk of holding the tiles will also occur. Therefore, we must regularly change the operation of the suction pump to change the lubricating oil in daily use, so as to ensure the normal operation of each component.
  2. Corrosion protection
  Suction pumps are often exposed to mud and water during operation. Long-term muddy water splashes on the pump. If the pump is not protected for a long time, the pump casing will be oxidized. Although the exterior of the pump casing is painted with waterproof paint, the waterproof paint will also show different degrees of drop in long-term use. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly paint waterproof paint, and also to do a good job of suction pump waterproof operation.
  3. Blade replacement
  After a long period of use, the blades will also exhibit varying degrees of wear, so it is often necessary to regularly check and protect the blades. If it is found that the blades are worn out, new blades should be replaced immediately so that the suction pump can function normally.

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