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Sand dredging equipment considerations

 Different from ordinary dredging boats, large dredging ships have a lot of attention problems in their use due to their large size. Let's look at them together.
First and foremost, after the two diesel engines of the dredging equipment are started, the demand will adjust the speed to the speed of the demand. After that, the brakes of the boom are gradually released. When the sand in the bucket is more than two-thirds, the downward movement can be stopped until it reaches One-third of the time, start over again.
When the boom is parked at a 45° angle to the water surface, the same needs to be parked. It is also worth noting that the amount of sand in the hopper is determined by it because of the speed of the haul, and the necessary sensitivity must be maintained for moving and retreating. . In the process of traveling, if there is a sand layer collapse, a mechanically strenuous situation, or a situation where it cannot be moved, it is necessary to loosen the traction rope first, and then to retreat until the digging stops, and then tighten the traction rope again.
During the hull's progress, there are occasional large stones or mud layers. Under such circumstances, especially large-scale dredgers, there will inevitably be violent oscillations. At this moment, the dredging arm should be lifted immediately to avoid obstacles. Only afterwards can the sand be dredged again to prevent blind travel and equipment damage.
In the process of application, we must pay close attention to the overall situation of the ship, such as the fastening of screws at various locations, the filling of lubricating oil, chain pins, speed reducers, and docking plates, etc., which are all closely monitored. When there is a flood season or when there is a need to strike, the ship must be firmly anchored in a strong local area to prevent the ship from being washed away and form unnecessary losses. Please call for details: 18761149966

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