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what is cutter suction dredger(2)

what is cutter suction dredger(2)


(3) The suction dredger is simple to operate and easy to control. The dredger relies on the platform of the stern of the ship to locate and step the steel pile, uses the two measuring cables and the anchor fixed in the ditch with the gallows arm frame to measure the steel pile, relies on the hinge of the truck to pull, the two wagons swing and cut the silt material, works under certain control swing angle, the material that the winch moves, passes the mud pipe pump to the deposit yard. The step of the dredger is moved forward by alternating two piles.

(4) A large suction dredger has a self-sailing system. It can be placed in place when it is relocated. Small and medium sized dredgers are mostly non-self-sailing systems and are towed by tugboats. Small and medium sized dredgers can be designed and built into a assembly type, transported by land to the site, and can be used after assembly.
(5) The winch dredger is economical. The material mining and transportation is completed once without the need for other foreign vessels to carry several times. The relative cost of the project is lower.


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