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Why cutter suction dredgers have higher sales

 According to the sales data in the first half of the year, the cutter suction dredger is a very high-yielding vessel. What are the reasons for this? Qingzhou City sails dredging to share with you.
Efficient and productive, the output value of a large-scale cutter-dredged dredger can reach several thousand cubic meters in one hour. Together, it can pump sediment or rock fragments out of several kilometers.
Operation is simple, such vessels rely on the stern trolley to carry out the positioning and stepping of the steel piles, relying on the drawworks to pull. Its stepping process is performed with the help of two pile replacement movements, which is very easy to control.
Economical and versatile, the cutter suction dredger is a one-off equipment for material excavation and transportation. No additional vessels are required to cope with the transfer, and the operating cost is relatively low. Its use can be said to be very extensive. It can be used in rivers, lakes, and seas. It can be used for dredging, waterway excavation or land reclamation.
In addition, the cutter suction dredging vessel also has a self-propelled system that can be self-propelled in place during the migration.

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